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Rocco Catering Menu
**please allow at least 24 hours notice 
**call 585.454.3510 to inquire 

pork and beef meatballs/ 2 each 

buccatini and meatballs 40/70

full pan lasagne/half pan lasagna (meatless) 45/80

rocco all day pork 45/80

baked penne amatriciana w/ pancetta, onion, tomato & pecorino 45/80

1/2 sheet tomato pie 35 

eggplant stuffed peppers  6/42

seafood salad, octopus, squid, shrimp, mussels 24/qt

caesar salad kit/ 8/pp

insalata tricolore, red wine vinaigrette 7/pp

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